NutritiOn Deficiencies in Crop

Key Micronutrients And its’ Deficiency Symptoms


Stunted growth, pale yellow color and burning of tips and leaf margins.


Small root growth, spindly stalk, delayed maturity and purple discoloring of leaves.


Slow growth, scorched margins on leaves and shriveled seen or fruit.


Terminal bud dies, Blossom shed premature and leave margins scalloped.


Yellowing of leaves between veins, thin curved up leaves and tissue may dry and die.


Small spindly plants, light green color and delay in maturity

Key Micronutrients And its’ Deficiency Symptoms


Death of terminal growth. "witch’s broom effect" and thickened curled wilted chlorotic leaves.


Decrease in stem length and reduced fruit bud formation.


Leaves yellowish or whitish and affected leaves curl up.


Interveinal chlorosis of young and no distinction between veins and interveinal areas.


Stunting and lack of vigor and marginal scorching cupping of leaves.


Stunted growth, poor pigmentation and death of leaf tip.


Speciality Micronutrients

Product Concentration
Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide 39.5 % SC
Zinc EDTA Zinc -12.5%
Liquid Pottasium SC Pottasium 30 %
Calcium Plus Boron WP Calcium 30 % + Boron 4 %
Calcium +Boron + Nitrogen Calcium 15 % +Boron 3% + Nitrogen 10%
Micronutrient Mix with Nitrogen and Amino Acids N – 10% + Calcium + Magnesium + Iron + Boron + Copper + Zinc + Molybedenum + Amino Acids

Water Soluble NPK Fertilzers

Product Concentration
NPK 20 20 20 + Trace Elements Nitrogen 20% + Phosphorus 20% + Pottasium 20% + Zinc + Copper + Iron
NPK Plus Seaweed SC Formulation N-20% +P-20% +K20% + Iron+ Copper+ Boron + Molybedenum+ Zinc+Manganese+Cobalt + Sea Weed Extract
NPK 12 12 12 Liquid ( Biological) N-12%+P-12%+K-12% plus Carbon 30% minimum

Bio – Fertilzers

Product Concentration
Mycorrhiza Technical VAM – 25000 Spores and IP/Gram
Mycorrhiza Liquid Formulation VAM – 1000 Spores and IP/Gram
Mycorrhiza Granules VAM -100 Spores and IP/Gram
NPK Constortium Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria + Pottasium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Iron Mobilising bacteria


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